(WSYR-TV) — It almost seems like a history lesson. Looking back to the days when kids learned together, played together and celebrated their successes together.

Today, of course, the classroom is the kitchen table and mom is the hall monitor. But, you know what? Students seem to be adapting.

“Actually, it’s so much fun doing home schooling because I get to do PE all the days,” said kindergartener Noal Jerez.

Tuesday is National Appreciation Day and there may never be a better time for it. In the Jerez house, they appreciate how teachers at the Syracuse Academy of Science moved so quickly to keep them on track.

“It took just two days for them to send out a template for what we could expect and then each day we’ve gotten links and assignments,” said Melissa Jerez, Noal’s mother. “We know exactly what’s expected of us and its been really helpful.”

“To us, it’s literally our pleasure,” said teacher Aileen Figueroa. “This is what we love. I wake up every day to go and teach them and make sure that they have all the skills that they need.”

Teachers like Miss Figueroa record and post lessons online because some households can get to them early, while others start a little later. They also meet on Zoom as a class and one-on-one. It makes for a long school day, but they hope an effective one.

“What we’re doing now in Week 7 is completely different from what we were doing in Week 1 just because we’ve learned so much in the time we’ve been doing this,” said Dean of School at Syracuse Academy of Science Meghan Miller. “And so many things that they’re already saying I’m going to take this back to the classroom next year.”

Many teachers are performing the same juggling act as other parents: working from home in one room while students study in the next.

“I don’t know why we’re paying athletes millions of dollars when teachers are preparing the future,” said Rafael Jerez, Noal’s father.

And here’s something some teachers never thought they’d hear: Kids can’t wait to get back to school.

“Having a party and getting cotton candy,” Noal laughed. “I’m going to have to start planning that party.”

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