SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Did you ever wonder just how long the creative process takes? How long you’d need to come up with lyrics and melody that touch peoples’ souls?

How about one week, and the clock starts now!

That’s what Amanda Rogers faced when she was handed an instrument she’d never played before and joined the Acoustic Guitar Project.

It’s fun. It’s like, you know, if somebody’s a runner and they have like a goal and they can run a little bit further that that goal. Amanda actually wrote two songs during her week with the guitar, including this one, “Let’s Say We.” She found the guitar easy to play, with a sweet resonance.

Amanda Rodgers, musician

Those names belong to the musicians who’ve taken the challenge since songwriter and music journalist Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers brought it to town in 2014.

The concept had just started to spread globally, in mostly much larger music markets. It’s drawn some of Central New York’s finest talent.

Very quickly, it just always feels like instruments have songs in them, you know. Sometimes it feels like you’re finding the song rather that you’re writing it.

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, musician

Rodgers was one of the first to write a song on the guitar. And he’s brought in a wide array of talent each year since.

Give people a firm deadline, firm parameters, only this guitar, only a live recording, just do it. And people do. Even people who aren’t sure they can write under these restrictions.

That’s my name right here, number fifty. Fiftieth song written on this guitar. Very cool.

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, musician

You know, the guitar still has room on the top for more. And more songs in it, clearly.