Thanksgiving brings many flavors to the table and some of them include what we drink. Vinoman Gary Decker says that a great way to start any holiday gathering is to bring along some wine.

He shared some top tastes for the season.

A German sparkling wine with a splash of cranberry is a great light start for appetizers and late morning cocktails. This perfect bubbly drink can be served as a mimosa or on it’s own.

A German Riesling has a green apple flavor with a little sweetness. It’s another option to kick start the turkey day meal.

For the guest who isn’t big into wine but is looking to warm up with a taste of the season and bourbon liqueur mixed in with mulled apple cider is both toasty and tasty.

And of course when the turkey finally makes its way to the table, Decker suggests trying a sparkling shiraz. The unique blend of bubbles and shiraz works well with both meats as well as chocolates so it can serve as a compliment to turkey dinner and dessert.

-A Chardonnay from Argentina which usually goes well with steak is good for the more meatier foods too because it is smooth and crisp.

As for how much wine you should drink on Thanksgiving Day, Decker says the wine ratio depends on the amount of people who will be at dinner.

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