The hot beef sundae is a state fair classic and it’s celebrating ten years as a fair staple. Contrary to its name, it involves no actual ice cream, but loads of flavor.

Mashed potatoes, pot roast, gravy, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and a cherry tomato on top is all it takes. A slow-cooker pot roast is perfect when you need enough meat for a big group. Mashed potatoes can be homemade or instant, either is fine. The potatoes go in first, followed by a portion of the beef, with gravy, and then sprinkled with cheese. Next comes a topping of sour cream, and the cherry tomato on top to seal the deal.

It’s a simple family meal and can easily be made in ten minutes. At the fair, you can get your own for only $5 – and it’s a relatively healthy food option, too. Each day of the fair, ten hot beef sundaes will be given away for free.

Tuesday, August 29th is Beef Day at the fair, featuring a burger eating contest at 10am, the FFA with their own burgers at 12:30, and a “Pound out Hunger” event at the beef barn, which is a classic sledgehammer demolition of a junk car: $2 for one hammer blow or $5 for 3, with all proceeds going to the Food Bank of CNY.