The musical “The Last Five Years” has opened on Syracuse Stage, and director Jason Alexander is excited about his fresh take on the popular show.

The musical tells the story of a couple over the course of five years, with character Cathy’s side of the story told from the end to the beginning and counterpart Jaime’s story from beginning to end.

Alexander explained the unique take on storytelling explored in Syracuse Stage’s production of the show. “The device we use is that the character is a novelist, and so he’s writing a book about their experience as an explanation and gift for Cathy.”

Jason Alexander is a Tony-Award-winning TV and stage actor, known best for his role as George Costanza in the hit show “Seinfeld”. Alexander hopes “The Last Five Years” will resonate with both fans of the musical and those who have never seen it.

After he had the idea to do the show with this unique spin that includes dancers personifying the main characters as well as the actors themselves on stage, Alexander contacted the show’s writer and composer Jason Robert Brown for feedback.

According to Alexander, Brown approved of the idea, although he believed the show already serves as more of a “theatrical experiment” than a straight-forward play.

“The Last Five Years” runs at Syracuse Stage from Thursday May 30th until June 16th , and tickets can be purchased by calling (315)-443-3275 or online at