Tips For Overcoming Discouragement From Dr. Jacquie Del Rosario


Life is like a roller coaster. We all experience ups and downs. Getting through the discouraging moments in our life can be difficult but Dr. Jacquie del Rosario has some tips to get through these trying times.

First and most importantly, Dr. Jacquie says it’s important to regain your focus. “Fighting immobility is going to be one of the biggest tasks that we have because typically when we’re discouraged what do we do? We become immobile, we stop moving and going forward.” She says to ask yourself who were you and where were you going before this difficult time. Dr. Jacquie suggests creating a to-do list. “People need to write down their goals and the things they want to accomplish because…what do you do when you’re hit with that discouragement? You pick up where…ok I was doing plan b here…so you just jump back in it. Keep it moving.”

Relying on a support system can also be key to fighting through discouragement. Support should come from people who have similar goals and are more accomplished than you because they are in a better place to give you advance on pushing through because they’ve gone through it before. If you find your support group is discouraging Dr. Jacquie says, “That’s when you have the wrong group of people in your support group. So I’m not saying a break down group, I’m saying a support group

Lastly, learn from mistakes and mishaps. “I think that if you read the biographies of great people who have done extraordinary things they all talk about how many times they failed. We seem to think that there are all of these overnight successes, they’ve all been working in their field, doing their thing for a long time, and they’ve faced a lot of disappointments, a lot of failures,” says Dr. Jacquie. “So what are your takeaways? Takeaways are important.” She says to think about what you missed, what you need to edit and do differently next time. This requires reflection, which she says, we’re not always so good at.

She suggests taking time each and every day to review and reflect on your day. “There are things that will crop up that you didn’t notice in the run of the day that you start to notice now.”

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