Tonquin: A New Delivery Service For Auto Parts


Many of us are familiar with ride sharing apps, Uber and Lyft, but a ride sharing app for car parts? Yes! A new web app developed locally in Central New York delivers on-demand auto parts to repair shops and dealerships, saving time and money.

Jeff Lyman and his son,Jeffrey Lyman, created the Tonquin technology in September. More than 100 deliveries have been made so far. As of right now there are 60 drivers in Central New York that are willing to help shops receive their auto parts.

“Instead of the auto parts delivery people waiting around at the businesses, waiting for a phone call from a shop like mine. They’ll have our people driving around delivering these parts all over the place”, said Jeff.

The app has a rush delivery option, this allows shops to receive their parts as soon as possible.

“So if a car is on a lift and they need something right away that’s what the retailers or suppliers that’s what they call hot shot deliveries so we would be in place in that.”, said Jeffrey

For more information on Tonquin Technology, visit

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