What To Do If Your Blood Pressure Medication Is Recalled


Eighty million Americans have high blood pressure and most maintain control with the use of prescription drugs. But over the last few months recalls of blood pressure pills have been on the rise. “Just like any other product blood pressure pills can be recalled as well,” says physician assistant Andrea Atcheson.

If your medication has been recalled, or you think it’s been recalled, it’s important to contact your doctor. “What you don’t want to do is stop it on your own because that is very dangerous,” stresses Atcheson. “Always ask, always call up and don’t wait 2 months.”

If your medication has been recalled, your doctor will know the best alternative which could be prescribing a different drug or working with you to get off of the medication altogether.

“With my mission, I try to prevent people from having to take these in the first place or getting off of them but you have to do it in the right manner. Maybe your pill needs to be weaned down or tapered if you will. They could be dangerous if you just stop it cold turkey and all of a sudden your blood pressure shoots up and then you could be at risk of a stroke or a heart attack,” says Atcheson.

The main thing is eating a healthier, well-balanced diet and eliminating processed foods.

If you’d like to learn more, talk with your own doctor and visit TheHeartHealthAcademy.com.

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