ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Impeachment Commission in the case of Governor Andrew Cuomo will meet Wednesday.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair, Charles Lavine, says more than 100 tips have been submitted so far and legal experts are following up on relevant leads.

On March 11, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie gave the Judiciary Committee the responsibility of starting an impeachment investigation into Cuomo’s alleged misconduct: workplace sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, fudging nursing home death numbers, and taking shortcuts to complete the Mario Cuomo Bridge. They’ve also added other issues that have emerged since early March, like executive staff “volunteering” to write Cuomo’s book.

Lavine said the Judiciary Committee is committed to a fair investigation that respects the due process of accused and accuser alike. The committee served formal notice to the Executive Chamber on March 15, telling them not to retaliate against any potential witnesses.