NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) — Since the State Attorney General’s report was released, reaction from both local and state lawmakers has been flooding in.

Some of the lawmakers who spoke out include Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh as well as national leaders House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden.

The vast majority of them urged the governor to resign.

Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay called for a special session of the Assembly to take a vote on the immediate impeachment of Governor Cuomo.

There’s plenty to impeach the Governor on,” Barclay said, “I wish he would resign. In order to have him impeached, the assembly needs to pass a resolution of impeachment 3347 then it would go to the senate for the articles of impeachment then they would have 30-60 days to hold a trial and thenget two-thirds vote, then the Governor would be impeached.”

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli says the Attorney General’s report will be included in the New York State Assembly’s ongoing investigation.

“The Attorney General’s report released today will be included in the New York State Assembly’s ongoing investigation,” said Assemblyman William Magnarelli. “The findings of the Attorney General’s report are disturbing and troubling. New York’s government should be an example of a safe and healthy work place. I know that the report has gone to our Assembly Judiciary Committee and all of my Assembly colleagues. I believe it is appropriate that we now read the report and talk to counsel as to proceeding further, with due process, in the Assembly.”

State Senator John Mannion weighed in on the report.

“We have to trust those statements and the attorney general has done the investigation and we have heard what is detailed in the report,” Mannion said, “I’m just reiterating today my position that the governor should resign for the good for the state of New York.”

Statement from Assembly Majority Conference Chair Pamela Hunter on Attorney General’s Report:

“As a representative of the New York State Legislature and the 128th Assembly District, I take my responsibility very seriously to enact and to uphold the laws that apply to the residents of our State. Our Governor is obligated to abide not only to State and Federal laws, but also to the Executive Chamber Policy. The investigation findings reported by the Office of Attorney General Letitia James are deeply disturbing, and at times difficult to read. I would be falling short of my duties as a member of the Legislature if I did not respect the legal rights owed to a person and their entitlement to due process, as established in the United States Constitution.

However, based on the overwhelming evidence from the Attorney General’s report, it is clear that Governor Andrew Cuomo is no longer fit to serve, or to remain in office. It is time for the Assembly Judiciary Committee to review the evidence and findings from the Attorney General’s Independent Investigators and present impeachment articles to the full body of the Assembly.

I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to the 179 individuals interviewed during this investigation, especially to the brave women that came forward. I wish for healing and peace.”