ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt responded to the Attorney General’s report on the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Governor Andrew Cuomo from the State Capitol.

Rep. Ortt commented on details of the investigation saying they “confirmed a hostile and toxic work environment,” that were in the AG’s report including how those harassed brought the allegations to superiors that were then as Ortt said, “snuffed out,” violating state and federal laws.

One major question Rep. Ortt brought up is what happens next due to the fact that at this time, no criminal proceedings are planned. He pointed to the governor’s apparent denial of instances of sexual misconduct that were described in which he was associated as well as the 74,000 pieces of noted documentation along with the 11 women who came forward, saying there is substantial evidence to support the findings.

Rep. Ortt commented on how he believes articles of impeachment should move forward based on findings from the investigation detailed in the AG’s report, noting that it is past the point of “press releases and tweets,” calling for the governor’s resignation.

Earlier in 2021, the governor stated he has no intention of resigning while the investigation was still active and that he would need to be removed from office if that were the case as he has a public duty to uphold for the people of New York.

Reporters proceeded to ask Ortt if they believed Cuomo would run for a fourth term in which he referenced other pending investigations and noted that it is essentially a waiting game at this point.