(WSYR-TV)- With many blockbuster films released this year, that often means that costumes based on these hit films/TV shows will be roaming the streets with the ghosts and ghouls this Halloween.

This list will pinpoint which costumes are believed to be the most prominent this Halloween because of pop culture.

1.) Max from Stranger Things

The hit science fiction show which debuted in 2016, has become the most streamed show on Netflix.

The show follows a group of kids trying to navigate through life as mysterious and supernatural things begin happening within their small town. The group must come together to stop the creatures descending from the ‘upside down’ from destroying the earth.

With Max being a breakout character this past season, there will be plenty of people who will be jumping onto the Stranger Things wagon. Not only will Max be a heavy hitter in costume picks, but Eddie Munson will certainly be strolling the streets this Halloween as well.

2.) Elvis Presley

With a biopic of the king’s life hitting theaters back in June, it drew many old and new fans into the theaters to see how the king’s life would be portrayed on the big screen.

With Austin Butler portraying Elvis, many were quite surprised at the immense talent that flowed through his depiction of Elvis. From Butler’s own singing in the movie to recreating some of Elvis’ biggest hits, Butler had big shoes to fill which he appeared to do almost flawlessly.

The film brought nostalgia to old fans and allowed younger generations to grasp the reality of what old Hollywood looked like.

Whether people want to relive nostalgia or maybe try out the iconic style, Elvis will surely be prominent this Halloween.

3.) House of the Dragon

The spin-off to Game of Thrones that all of the die-hard fans had been waiting for arrived this year. Not only is the series one of the top series streamed this year, but according to statista.com, the first episode alone drew in over 10 million people. The second episode drew in even more.

Whether you’re a fan of the Targaryan family or enjoy learning the backstory as to how the great divide between families happened, the characters are certainly admirable and fun to dress up as.

This combination of images shows promotional art for “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” premiering Aug. 18 on Disney+, left, “House of the Dragon,” premiering Aug. 21 on HBO Max, center, and “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers,” a 10-part docuseries debuting Monday, Aug. 15, on Hulu. (Disney+/HBO Max/Hulu via AP)

4.) Hocus Pocus

Another nostalgia-induced movie is Hocus Pocus and with the sequel released in September, many fans of the loveable witchy comedy may be getting the urge to dress up as the three Sanderson sisters or even Billy Butcherson.

No matter what you choose to be this Halloween, if you choose to be one of the Sorenson sisters, be sure to grab two other pals to help you finish off the witchy trio!

“Hocus Pocus” has become so beloved that fans may have a hard time picturing any other actors in the movie’s main roles. (Buena Vista Pictures/Andrew Cooper)

5.) Michael Myers

With what is labeled as the final film of the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers will surely be stalking the streets throughout your neighborhood.

Not only is this another nostalgia-filled movie, but it is also captivating to see if Laurie Strode ends the nightmare she’s been living for years and will finally kill the monster that is Michael Myers.

A prominent movie villain that will certainly live far past the final film. Michael Myers will certainly be a name that will go down in infamy and we’ll surely still see him lurking the streets every Halloween, even after the movie series ends.

An actor dressed as Michael Myers from the “Halloween” franchise is seen in 2018 at the premiere of a film in Los Angeles. Mark Metzger (not pictured) was dressed as the character when he was cited for disorderly conduct on Monday. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)