(WSYR-TV)–With the temperatures heating up, so are peoples urges to travel. However, traveling can be quite expenses during these trying times, so maybe you’re looking for ways to get out that won’t break your bank.

Central New York is known for it’s scenic views and hidden hot spots that typically only the locals know about. Whether its a supposed haunted attraction, secret waterfalls, or sandy beaches, CNY is sure to provide travelers with picturesque landscapes and trendy trails, CNY has some of the best spots to hike, bike, or walk.

Whether you wish to adventure on your own or with a friend, a furry one is just fine too! Central New York will be sure to reward you with some hypnotic hikes. Take a look at some of the most breathtaking and challenging hiking trails around the region.

  1. Stony Pond State Forest

Stony Pond is known for it’s 1,469 acres of captivating views and can be found just outside of the village in Morrisville, just 45 minutes away from Syracuse. The pond is home to plenty of wildlife and is also open to campers. Those who wish to stay here can call (607) 674-4017 extension 602 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The trails at the location span 13 miles, these trails can be used for skiing in the winter and can also be used during the spring, summer, and fall months. With it’s alluring quietness and wildlife, this hike will leave you feeling rejuvenated and one with nature.

2. Friendship Woods

How about Friendship Woods, a perfect place to bring a furry friend for exercise and fun!

This Nature Preserve located in the town of Clay, about 20 minutes from Syracuse, is 13 acres full of mystical trees and scenes that could only be compared to a movie. There are different hiking trails visitors can take in which they refer to as, “loops.” For Oswego natives, this is a perfect way to get out and create some quality bonding time with your friends or family.

3. Hurricane Mountain

Maybe you’re looking for a more challenging hike that’s filled with mountainous views. Look no further, Hurricane Mountain in Lake Placid. Although it takes about three and half hours to get there, not only does the surrounding area have astonishing views (especially in the fall), the mountain has three trails and the mountain ascends 2,000 feet.

The East trail has a 2.7 mile distance one way and is the least used trail of the bunch.

The North Trail has a distance of 3 miles one way and is quite challenging considering the rocky pathway and small streams.

The most commonly used path considering that all hikers must use this path to get to the actual mountain, begins at Route 9N. From route 9N, the hike is roughly 3.4 miles to reach the summit, from there, you can begin to ascend the mountain, just make sure you are aware of your surroundings and follow the guides to make sure you and possibly your group goes the right way!

4. Charlie Major Nature Trail

A much shorter commute of just 30 minutes can lead you to this trail that actually has a rather intriguing history, it was once the Skaneateles Short Line Railroad. The railroad was established in 1840 and although it held different names, the sole purpose of the train was to transport supplies to paper mills, grist mills, distilleries, and woodworking mills. It also helped to transfer people from Skaneateles Junction to Skaneateles for steamboat rides around the lake.

Today, the railway does not exist, however, the serene pathway presents hikers with a playground for kids to enjoy. Hikers can delve into the past as some remnants from the older days can still be found, if you look close enough.

5. NCT-Robert Treman State Park

Lastly, another challenging yet astonishing hike can be found in the Finger Lakes, a little over an hour away. Have you ever wondered what it would be like scaling a rock formation, well, you can do that here! Although there are other parts of the trail, this is sure to leave hikers feeling a bit weak in their knees but also will also provide memories they won’t forget any time soon.

For further instructions on the hiking path, you can click the link above!