Family Healthcast: If you had COVID-19, do you still need a vaccine?

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(WSYR-TV) — If you had COVID-19, do you still need to vaccinate? A new study says yes, but you may just need one shot.

People who were previously infected showed antibody levels equal to, or above those, of people who had gotten both doses but were never infected.

It was a small study and follow-ups are ongoing. Now, we have a couple of questions about the vaccines.

“I have allergies and am worried about having a reaction to the vaccine. How common is that?”

The FDA panel that looked at all the data from every person who got the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine in the trials and found that allergic reactions are possible, but very rare.

About 11 vaccinations per one million resulted in allergic reactions.

People with severe allergies or those who carry an EpiPen should consult with their doctor before they get vaccinated, but even those with allergies have gotten the vaccine without a reaction.

The next question is a common one.

“I am concerned the vaccines were created too quickly to be trustworthy. Are they trustworthy?”

It is true that the COVID-19 vaccines were developed and tested more quickly than other vaccines we are familiar with. Part of the reason is the urgent need for a vaccine against a virus that has killed more than two million people worldwide.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 94% to 95% effective at preventing severe sickness from COVID-19.

The technology the vaccines use, mRNA, was developed long before the virus that causes COVID-19 began to circulate in humans. It is technology with a track record for trust.

The COVID-19 vaccine trials included tens of thousands of people whose reactions to the vaccine were closely monitored for months before the vaccines were approved for emergency use by the FDA.

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