Family Healthcast: Parents worried about sending children to school

Family Healthcast

(WSYR-TV) — As schools face the challenge of reopening, we’re learning about the number of children who have tested positive for coronavirus in recent weeks.

Nationwide, nearly 100,000 children in the last two weeks of July tested positive for the virus.

States in the south and west account for the majority of those cases.

A photo from a Georgia high school went viral after showing crowded hallways with teens not wearing masks. Several children tested positive and now students are learning from home on Monday and Tuesday.

The report did note that children rarely get severely sick from COVID-19.

The northeast had the lowest percentage of positive cases in children. But, here in Central New York, teachers and parents are still concerned.

Doctors at Pediatric Associates in Camillus are constantly being asked what they think about sending children back to school.

The doctors are encouraged by the low positivity rate of testing here. It’s less than one percent, well below the governor’s benchmark of five percent.

As far as illnesses that are going around, Camillus is seeing coughs, strep throat, Coxsackie virus, swimmers ear and regular ear infections.

There isn’t much going around in Fulton. The Urgent Care there has been treating poison ivy, recreational injuries and allergies.

In Pulaski, there isn’t much by way of infectious diseases. They are seeing normal summertime things like poison ivy and allergies.

Brighton Hill Pediatrics in Syracuse is seeing swimmers ear, rashes and some cases of strep throat.

Your doctor can tell you about the best treatments for you.

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