Family Healthcast: Questions people are asking again about COVID-19

Family Healthcast

(WSYR-TV) — One of the ways you can tell we’re setting records for COVID-19 around the country is by the questions people are asking about the virus.

People are asking the same kinds of questions that were being asked when the pandemic first started.

“I’m asymptomatic but was exposed to someone with the virus. Should I get tested?”

Yes, absolutely. Although earlier guidance from the CDC suggested otherwise, the agency reversed their controversial recommendation.

The agency now says that anyone exposed to an infected person for more than 15 minutes needs to take a test.

“What about gloves? Should I wear them too?”

Not really. Gloves become a second skin. They themselves could become contaminated.

Gloves may be helpful if someone in your household becomes sick, so that you can reduce the amount of times you have to wash your hands.

But you will have to change your gloves every time you leave their room or interact with them.

The most effective intervention is still washing your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, every time you enter your home.

Do air purifiers work to clean the air of COVID-19?

Some of the nation’s top experts on indoor air quality say yes. Portable air cleaners equipped with HEPA filters can remove the aerosols that can remain in the air for 30 minutes after an infected person talks, coughs or even breathes.

These can be especially helpful if your kids are back in school or if someone in your household is an essential worker. But experts advise against relying on purifiers to entertain company.

A purifier can lower the level of particles in the air but they don’t eliminate the risks.

Masks, social distancing and hand washing are still needed.

A quality HEPA air purifier will cost between $200 and $300.

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