Family Healthcast: Should you start going to your doctor’s appointments?

Family Healthcast

(WSYR-TV) — Things are almost ready to open back up in Central New York. You may have a doctor’s appointment on your calendar for the first time in a couple of months that you can keep.

So here’s our question: Should you go to your eye doctor’s appointment?

We checked with several local doctors and they said that many people still don’t feel comfortable going to a doctor’s office.

Routine checkups can be postponed unless you are having issues. If you’re having a problem, call the office to see if a visit is necessary.

Every case is difference, but here are some examples of doctor’s appointments that should be kept:

  • Allergy shots
  • Childhood immunizations
  • Cancer treatment
  • Dialysis
  • Pregnancy labs and ultrasounds

Some allergy patients need to maintain appointments so they can receive the shots. This can be especially important for people who have asthma.

Local pediatricians said that babies and children need to have their immunizations on time.

Patients receiving cancer treatments or those who are on dialysis also need to go to all of their regularly scheduled appointments.

For women who are pregnant, ultrasounds and lab work will need to be completed in an office. Some obstetricians are changing schedules though.

And do not forget about TeleMedicine. It is playing a huge role in helping patients discuss new symptoms and manage chronic conditions. If you have a doctor’s appointment, call in advance to see what protocols will need to be followed.

If you have a true, medical emergency, avoiding the emergency room could cost your life, so call 911.

As always stay home and stay safe.

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