SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — With the change in weather, many people are starting to get allergies. According to a doctor at St. Joe’s, coronavirus and allergies have some of the same symptoms.

Dr. Tucker Harris, an otolaryngologist, says he’s seen patients who are confused as to whether they have coronavirus or allergies. He says being able to tell the difference between the two can be challenging.

“The overlapping features would be nasal congestion, loss of sense of smell and taste, runny nose, postnasal drip, maybe even a cough or a tickle in the throat, too,” Harris said.

He says two main symptoms to pay attention to are fever and loss of taste and smell. He said people who have allergies don’t get a fever, but one of the symptoms of COVID is a fever. He adds that allergies can cause a person to lose their sense of taste and smell, but it’s not as sudden.

“Usually if it’s related to allergies, it’s usually a gradual, insidious, slow-developing kind of thing rather than an overnight loss of sense of smell,” said Harris.

In order to avoid any symptoms, Dr. Harris recommends social distancing, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated once eligible.