Are pregnant women more at risk for COVID-19?


Not according to early research.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Researchers continue to learn more every day about COVID-19 and its impact on certain populations including pregnant women.

But according to Dr. Christopher LaRussa, a gynecologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital, thus far pregnant women don’t appear to be more at risk.

“Unlike other past coronaviruses like SARS, there’s nothing specific that we know about pregnancy that makes them more susceptible to COVID-19,” LaRussa said.

Limited information from small studies in China has prevented total clarity but LaRussa said catching COVID-19 while pregnant and healthy is no more likely than any other seasonal virus.

“Since we know that [pregnant women] are a little bit more immunocompromised they should limit large crowds of people. They shouldn’t be on public transportation unnecessarily. They should limit their contact to any one person within 6-feet,” said LaRussa.

Similar social distancing advice has already been recommended to most people in Central New York and outbreak areas like New York City.

Crouse, Upstate, and St. Joe’s Hospitals have all suspended visitors to try and prevent the accidental spread of the virus but exceptions are in place for expecting mothers.

In most cases, one guest will be allowed to enter the hospital but that person must be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering.

“As a general statement pregnant women are younger and healthier and those seem to be the least at-risk populations. Unless you’re a pregnant woman with other underlying medical conditions you would hopefully be presumed to be at less risk,” said LaRussa.

The virus has been shown not to transfer from mother to child during pregnancy and like all other patients in any hospital, those positive for COVID-19 are being kept in isolated areas.

If you are a pregnant mother your own doctor can offer specific suggestions.

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