(WSYR-TV) — It is an urgent need for our healthcare workers. With so many people being tested and helping deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, personal protective equipment for healthcare workers is running out.

Would you believe a couple of construction companies have come to the rescue in Syracuse?

“I got an email from CenterState CEO just reaching out saying, ‘Hey do you guys have any N-95 dust mask,’ that some of our local hospitals were in dire need, their supply was running critically low,” said Jeremy Thurston, the president at The Hayner Hoyt Corporation.

It just so happens that Haynor Hoyt did. The same masks that healthcare workers use to protect themselves against COVID-19 are exactly what many construction companies use.

Often times, their workers are required to use them as dust masks on projects, like the new parking garage at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I happened to call our warehouse guy and we’d gotten a pretty significant stock of materials in a few months ago and so I called CenterState back and let them know we had 2400 dust masks and they told us Crouse and St. Joe’s were both in critical need.

Jeremy Thurston – President at The Hayner Hoyt Corporation

Hayner Hoyt split them half and half. The company had so many masks because, for a better price, they bulk order at the beginning of the year what they believe will last them the whole year.

We’ve always tried to be a good steward in the community and give back, and at times like these you wouldn’t think that a construction company can do much to help the state of health in the community. Obviously we are happy to help and do are part even though it’s a small part in the grand scheme of things. The healthcare workers in our area are doing remarkable things to put themselves on the front lines to help the community and really the least we could do is offer some protection for them that we kind of have sitting on a shelves

Jeremy Thurston – President at The Hayner Hoyt Corporation

Hueber Breuer also donated several hundred of these N-95 masks to local medical centers.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo implored businesses that have a supply or could make them to do so and the state would, in his words, pay a premium for these products.

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