SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Businesses are opening back up, daily COVID case numbers are starting to go down, and more people are signing up for the vaccine. The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is in sight, but many are asking if getting only one of the two approved vaccinations offers enough protection, so more people can get inoculated at a faster rate.

Upstate University’s Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Stephen Thomas joined NewsChannel 9 Monday night and asked for his thoughts.

“I’m glad the information shows there is a significant amount of protection after a single dose, but I’ve been developing vaccines long enough to know you should not be making assumptions about a vaccine’s long-term [performance] without the data that demonstrates that,” answered Dr. Thomas.

He says vaccine manufacturers are compiling data on the long-term protections of the shot and will be presenting their findings to the Federal Drug Administration in the coming months.

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