UNITED STATES (WSYR-TV) — The FDA has ranked SUNY Upstate Medical University’s saliva test as the best of its kind in detecting COVID-19. The FDA also identified Upstate’s test as being among the most sensitive tests regardless of type, ranking sixth worldwide in detecting the virus. 

The test is cost-effective and easy to use, which SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras credits for helping SUNY campuses pinpoint cases at the earliest stages of the virus. 

“Upstate Medical’s and Quadrant Biosciences’ saliva test is significant for SUNY—not only fast and easy to use with results back within 48 hours, but also the test itself finds the virus within the earliest stages of the illness, so we can know who is positive more quickly and ensure they isolate from others,” said Malatras. “While 2020 has certainly been a trying year, it has also reminded us of the critical expertise we have within our public higher education system to provide an excellent education, as well as solutions to the most complex issues facing our society. My congratulations to Upstate Medical, in particular Dr. Dewan and lead researcher Dr. Frank Middleton, and Rich Uhlig and his team at Quadrant Biosciences.”

Upstate Medical President Dewan said, “The recent FDA report that shows the Clarifi COVID-19 saliva test by SUNY Upstate Medical University and Quadrant Biosciences (Quadrant Biosciences Clarifi COVID-19 test) as the top-rated saliva test, with a sensitivity rate that is one of the best in the world for the detection of COVID is a remarkable accomplishment. Our work on this important life-saving test with Quadrant Biosciences—our Start UP New York business partner—is a ringing endorsement of the excellence that can come from partnerships with industry and public academia.”

CEO of Quadrant Biosciences Richard Uhlig said, “Increasingly, the medical community is recognizing that tests with better sensitivity are critical to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The FDA recently published results from their unbiased analysis of all FDA authorized tests – we’re pleased to see the Clarifi COVID-19 Test listed as the #1 saliva test and among the most sensitive tests available anywhere in the world.”

“New York’s medical experts are second to none and from the very beginning of this pandemic, we have relied on their vast knowledge and expertise to inform our response,” New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said. “This crucial development and expertise has played a critical role in ensuring SUNY students were tested efficiently and, if positive, isolated and on a path to recovery sooner. On behalf of the family of New York, I thank SUNY Upstate Medical, Quadrant Biosciences and Dr. Frank Middleton for their diligence and steadfast commitment to fighting this invisible enemy.”