NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) — Exactly one year ago, the first American vaccinated was Sandra Lindsay, a critical care nurse in New York City.

“This was a significant anniversary and to all of us who were watching this so closely this was a turning point in our war against COVID,” said Governor Kathy Hochul.

Shortly after, the vaccine was available to the most vulnerable in our community. The state fairgrounds became the place New Yorkers would travel from near and far to be vaccinated.

The vaccine then became available to everyone. To date 31-million shots have been administered, but a year later the Governor Hochul said New York is not where it should be.

“We still have 30% of New Yorkers who are not fully vaccinated. Thirty percent,” Hochul added, “This is a crisis of the unvaccinated. It did not have to be, totally preventable. So if I sound a little frustrated, perhaps I am.”

There’s only been a 2% increase of New Yorkers fully vaccinated since Thanksgiving. When it comes to COVID cases, the statewide average is up 58% since Thanksgiving.

“We’re not trending in the right direction,” Hochul said.

Another area that needs improvement is vaccinating children. The Governor said when you consider it all, the state is in a very challenging situation and she hopes everyone can do their part to turn it around.