MADISON COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A shortage of COVID-19 vaccine has forced some counties to scramble, shuffle and reschedule appointments due to a lack of supply.

Madison County is certainly no exception.

“Government is supposed to be here to help the people, not hinder the situation,” said John Becker, chairman in Madison County.

A shortage of the vaccine is leaving many asking: “When will I be able to get vaccinated?”

But, for Madison County leaders, they are wondering: “When will there be more supply?”

“It’s just hard to be hopeful when we just don’t know what the plan is,” said Mark Scimone, county administrator in Madison County.

Last week, the county was forced to cancel more than 300 appointments due to a shortage of the vaccine. And this week is no better, as they only received 100 total doses.

So, now we have 100 doses for this week and that doesn’t even cover the 300 we’ve already rescheduled. So we’re trying to prioritize and get those people scheduled… But, this week is just a catch-up week from last week from when we we’re supposed to get an extra 500 to cover these and we didn’t get that.

So it’s really frustrating and if we get 100 doses a week for the next few weeks, it’s going to take three weeks to get through the 300 that we cancelled. So, we’re not doing anybody new.

Mark Scimone — County Administrator in Madison County

The county says it has the resources to vaccinate 3,000 to 5,000 people each week. In addition to health department staff, the county hired 30 EMTs to help give the vaccine and has three locations ready to go. But what is missing is the supply.

“If we get the vaccine, it’ll get into people’s arms as soon as we can get it in there,” said Becker.

“The county health departments have been doing vaccination for decades. We have a plan, we’re trained. We have the staff. Just let us do the work,” said Scimone.

They are hoping the supply finally reaches those who need it.

Madison County says it’s currently in the process of scheduling second dose appointments. So far, the county has received about 400 doses and has 1,300 second doses. The county says it will bein touch to schedule your appointment.

There Kinney Drugs pharmacies in the county receive 100 doses each, which are not included in the county’s weekly count of vaccines received.