NewsChannel 9 has heard countless stories from people needing the vaccine, but there aren’t enough


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Ever since Gov. Andrew Cuomo updated NewsChannel 9 on the status of getting vaccines to people with underlying health conditions, people wanting to be eligible for the shot have been sharing their stories.

NewsChannel 9’s Andrew Donovan put together the following report, based on the stories he’s heard:

In Syracuse, a bartender with diabetes is afraid to go back to work.

Samantha Zimnock says, “I’m hoping that by raising these questions and concerns that Type 1 diabetics don’t fall through the cracks.”

In Camillus, a mother is feeling guilty that her children have been locked down for almost a year to protect her.

She recalls the debate over sending her son back to basketball: “I feel like I’ve taken so much from his this year, and I don’t want to take another thing. We tried having him run on treadmill with an N-95 mask. He can’t breathe in it, so he can’t do it. He said ‘Mom, that’s okay. There’s next year.'”

Hannah tweets: “My dad has Stage 4 cancer, is more vulnerable than some 75+ year olds, yet still isn’t eligible.”

Some need the shot because their immune systems are compromised. Others feel they need it because their jobs are risky.

Jay tweets: “What about my wife at the bank? She is essential and has been working from day one of the shutdown.”

Humans are used to a similar way when it comes to a bargain flatscreen on Black Friday or waiting in line for a concert ticket, but not when the hold-up feels like it as life or death ramifications.

Most people who’ve shared their story with NewsChannel 9 are right: they need the vaccine. Everyone does, some sooner rather than later.

There just aren’t enough, yet.

Leaders are hopeful about Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, nearing approval. The White House is buying more of Pfizer and Moderna.

NewsChannel 9 also heard from a 66-year-old healthcare worker, who hasn’t gotten her shot despite eligibility by more than one category. On Facebook, she kindly offered: “I would love for the woman you are reporting on to have mine.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

What works, for now, is patiently waiting, wearing a mask and staying home.

The tunnel is longer than anyone though, but there’s still light at the end of it.

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