(WSYR-TV) — This week two local infants were in the hospital with COVID. Dr. Robert Dracker, who is Medical Director of Summerwood Pediatrics, treated one of the babies, a three-month-old. The child is home now. Dr. Dracker explained the child had difficulty breathing and history of congenital heart disease. The three-month-old was sent to the hospital for those issues and then tested positive for COVID at the hospital. After receiving two doses of Remdesivir, Dr. Dracker said the baby was able to go home.

Dr. Dracker also said when children do get COVID, they don’t generally become as ill as the older population. He said he’s most concerned about what will happen in the fall. There are new omicron variants and cases are going up. That’s why he continues to recommend vaccinations.

“We’ll be starting our vaccines within the next one to two weeks,” Dr. Robert Dracker said. “I know a number of the practices are going to do that as well. The results from the studies done in that age group are very good, very few side effects. The antibody response seems to be very good to protect them.”

Dr. Dracker said it’s essential for pregnant women to get vaccinated. He said data from around the world shows when pregnant women get vaccinated prenatally it provides effective protection for the newborn.