(WSYR-TV) –We are all waiting on a COVID-19 vaccine and it is close, but what happens once it is available? NewsChannel 9 spoke with Dr. Stephen Thomas on Tuesday afternoon about what we can expect.

Despite the vaccine being close, there are still some safeguards to get through. When the time comes, you can watch yourself as the Vaccine Product Advisory Committee goes through the final steps.

The sponsors — or Pfizer — are going to give some presentations. They will explain the information, the safety data… there will be a lot of question and answer. And then they are going to vote and this is a public hearing so you can go on the web and watch it live.

Dr. Stephen Thomas

If either of the vaccines are approved, Thomas said it will take time to get to everyone.

“There are priority groups,” Thomas said. “And advisory groups that advise the FDA and they are coming up with what those groups should look like.”

The first group will be frontline healthcare workers and people living in long-term care facilities. The second group will be essential workers.

Thomas is the lead principal investigator in the trials of a vaccine created by Pfizer. He is giving Central New York incredible representation during these historic vaccine trials.

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