ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — As New York State continues to move forward with the reopening process, low risk youth sports will now be allowed to begin on July 6 for regions that are in Phase Three. 

According to New York State, low risk youth sports include baseball, softball, gymnastics, field hockey, cross country and crew. 

Although some youth sports may be permitted in July, the stands won’t be packed. Only two spectators per child will be allowed to attend the sporting event. 

According to the executive director of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Governor Cuomo’s guidance on youth sports only applies to recreational sports and not to interscholastic sporting events.

A reason Governor Cuomo decided to move forward with some youth sports is because New York State continues to make great progress with the COVID-19 data.

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 declined once again on Saturday. However, there are still over 1,600 people in the hospital battling coronavirus. 

The number of daily deaths from COVID-19 in New York State continues to dip to record low levels. 23 people tragically lost their lives to COVID-19 on Saturday, but that is the lowest number the state has seen since the COVID-19 crisis began. 

At one point, New York had the highest rate of COVID-19 transmission in the nation, but the governor was happy to report on Sunday that the state now has the lowest rate of transmission at .78.

“New York State, where we had the worst numbers on the transmission of the virus, worst numbers on the number of cases, now has the best number in terms of reducing the rate of transmission,” Governor Cuomo said. “That is a startling turnaround that they will record in the history books, and when we get passed this and we have a little perspective, they’ll look back and study how New York State did what it did.”

Locally in Central New York, the rate of infection for COVID-19 tests performed on Saturday was a miniscule .6 percent. 

Despite all the good news, Governor Cuomo warns if New York State repeals all of the restrictions and social distancing guidelines the number of COVID-19 cases will spike again. This has been the case in 22 states across the nation, and some of them have had to stop the reopening process altogether. The governor fears this could happen in New York as well, if we do not continue to be vigilant with social distancing and mask wearing. 

“If you ignore the facts, it’s going to be to our peril. I promise you that,” Governor Cuomo said. “The reason we made the progress was because we followed the facts even though it was hard. Don’t disregard the facts; 22 states are seeing increases.”

As businesses reopen, they can also play an important role in limiting the rate of transmission by following the guidelines put in place by the state. Governor Cuomo warned that restaurants, bars and other establishments could lose their licenses if they do not follow the guidelines. 

According to the governor, New York State has received more complaints in the last few weeks than they have ever seen. Governor Cuomo said the state has received about 25,000 complaints about businesses not following the social distancing guidelines in place.

“This is a question of violating the law, not just feel guilty, you’re violating the law,” Governor Cuomo said. “This is a very serious situation, and I want to make sure everyone knows the consequences here.”

The hot spots for these violations are primarily Downstate, but Governor Cuomo said the state has a taskforce out looking for violators of the guidelines.

Governor Cuomo also signed another bill into law on Sunday. The law will launch a new department in the health system to study the health impacts of COVID-19 on the minority population.

To watch Sunday’s press conference in its entirety, click on the video below.

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