ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a mandatory workforce reduction in New York State, with the exception of essential services. On Wednesday, Cuomo said he would issue an executive order saying that businesses would have to have 50% of their workforce working from somewhere other than their business. The exceptions, he said, are food delivery services, pharmacies, and those that work in healthcare, shipping, and supplies. The governor says he understands reducing the workforce is an issue, but we should “deal with one crisis at a time” and the public health crisis is more important than an economic crisis right now.

Cuomo also said after speaking with President Trump, the ship USNS Comfort, which is a mobile hospital, will be sent up to New York Harbor to help with housing patients. The ship can hold 1,000 people. Cuomo is also in talks with Trump about opening up mobile hospitals, which could hold up to 250 patients.

The number of positive coronavirus cases in New York State has risen dramatically, to 2,383 across the state. That is up 1,008 cases from Tuesday. Cuomo reiterated that cases would continue to rise as testing increases.

As of Wednesday morning, 14,597 people in New York State have been tested for COVID-19. 

Cuomo also touched on how many people who have been hospitalized with coronavirus. Right now, 549 people are hospitalized, which is 23% of those who have tested positive.

There is some good news, however. Cuomo said that the first patient who tested positive for coronavirus in the state has now tested negative for the virus. The patient, who was a healthcare worker who had visited Iran, never went to the hospital, but has now tested negative for the virus.

In other good news, Cuomo said that of the hospitalizations from coronavirus New York State has had, 108 people have been discharged.

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