Onondaga County loses another resident to COVID-19; 278 businesses register NY Forward plans


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon announced that another neighbor has lost his fight with COVID-19 in his Monday COVID-19 briefing.

The man was in his 70s.

That is Onondaga County’s 103rd death.

Hospitalization rates continue to be in the 9% to 10% range. There are 67 people hospitalized and 16 are in critical condition.

McMahon said there are 10 individuals still in hospitals because they are seniors waiting to go back to nursing homes. The County and nursing homes agreed to test patients before releasing them to nursing homes, but once a patient is positive, they won’t test negative for the disease. Onondaga County is waiting on guidance from New York State on this matter.

The County has proposed a couple of solutions to this problem. One is to send those patients to a nursing home that has a COVID-19 floor until their 14-day isolation period is finished.

As of 3 p.m. Monday, 194 people have been released from the hospital.

Onondaga County has 17 more positive cases of COVID-19. That totals 1,614 cases. There are 679 active cases and 837 who have recovered from the virus.

2 of the 17 new cases are household contacts. 7 are affiliated with senior living facilities and 8 are from community spread.

The infection rate in Onondaga County is 6.6%. McMahon said the rate dropped from the county’s average of 8% due to proactive testing being open to everyone in the community.

The Syracuse Community Health Center will continue to test anyone who wants to be tested this week.

The mobile testing unit that was in the parking lot of the Onondaga County WIC building on Gifford Street last Thursday and Friday processed between 300 and 400 tests. McMahon said the mobile unit will travel to communities strategically, like the southern towns with low case rates and other pockets of the community where trends exist.

278 businesses in Onondaga County filled out the New York Forward guidelines over the weekend. To learn more about the requirements and processes for businesses, you can click here. Businesses that were deemed essential and didn’t need to close during “New York on Pause” still need to complete the process as well.

There have been a lot of questions about when certain businesses will be able to reopen.

Pet groomers are allowed to operate as long as the service is related to preventative or health-related maintenance. If grooming is for aesthetics, McMahon said it may have to wait until Phase Two when salons are expected to open.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has placed religious gatherings in Phase Four, but McMahon said his office is talking with the state about the possibility of phasing these in before Phase Four.

It is also up to New York State to make a decision to hold the Syracuse Nationals. The Syracuse Nationals is a popular event in Central New York. McMahon said it’s important to be cautious about people gathering but he is always hopeful.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, Onondaga County is looking at a way to open Oneida Lake Shores. McMahon said Jamesville Beach won’t be ready to open by Memorial Day and he will confirm the decision on Oneida Lake Shores later this week.

Important Contacts

315-464-3979 Upstate Triage 24-Hour Hotline | For anyone who does not have a primary care provider or anyone with questions

315-218-1987 Senior Health Hotline | For anyone who needs food assistance

315-446-1220 Child Care Solutions | Daycare needs for essential workers provided free of charge

315-428-2229 VolunteerCNY | For anyone who is looking to volunteer

211 211CNY | Connection to resources in Central New York, including mental health resources

EMWeb01@ongov.net or 315-435-2525 | PPE donations like gloves, medical-grade masks, gowns, etc.

Ongov.net/MedicalVolunteers | Medical Volunteer Signup

315-435-3219 Veterans’ Needs

315-468-3260 Vera House | Report domestic abuse

315-701-2985 McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center | To report child abuse

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