EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Randall Drake had getting his flu shot and COVID booster on his to-do list.

“It’s kind of been on the back burner,” Drake said. “I did have it in mind to do it. Retired, but having said that I’m still very busy so I’m glad this came up when it did. It was a great opportunity.”

He went to the vaccination and metabolic clinic hosted by Mobile Integrated Health Services. Heather Drake Bianchi is the co-founder. She said she was thinking of a friend with cancer when putting this together.

“My friend isn’t the only person that’s affected with a serious diagnosis,” Drake Bianchi said. “During a specific time in the Northeast where there is a deliberate uptick in many respiratory pathologies. That’s the kind of person I really want to help and prevention is a huge part of softening the burden that the hospitals are experiencing right now.”

She is part of the team that started CineMedics, which provides a mobile laboratory on movie sets. That’s her goal here now to provide better access to care in Central New York. She’s teamed up with Dr. Norma Cooney who specializes in emergency medicine.

“We are not a hospital, but we can provide IV fluids,” Dr. Cooney explained. “We can do IV antibiotics. We can make diagnostic recommendations and we collaborate with their consultants. We collaborate with their primary care physicians.”

“We want to connect with the communities that are experiencing a disparity from getting to a healthcare provider,” said Drake Bianchi.

They are planning another health clinic — a date and location are still being worked out. You can learn more here: https://mobilemedical.health