Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel ripped “total phony” Mehmet Oz and his wife, saying they were once “disgusted” by former President Trump after witnessing him purposely push an older woman in the pool.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host, a frequent Trump critic, knocked Republican Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Oz while delivering the monologue on his Monday show.

“I love that Donald Trump is calling me out at a rally for Dr. Oz — who’s a total phony by the way, Dr. Oz.,” Kimmel said of the TV doctor-turned-GOP candidate.

At an event over the weekend for Oz and the Republican party’s gubernatorial candidate, state Sen. Doug Mastriano, Trump slammed the ABC host, saying that Kimmel’s show “is dead.”

“I’m going to tell you a story,” Kimmel told viewers. “Years ago, when Trump was running for president, I had dinner with Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa, and they told me and a group of other people a story.”

“They were at [Trump’s Florida resort home] Mar-a-Lago and this older woman — it was a party — was all dressed up. She had an accent, a very glamorous older woman,” Kimmel said.

The woman walked up to Trump while he was “telling somebody else how good” another person looked, Kimmel said.

“And she says, ‘Donald, how do I look?’ And he says, ‘You would look better wet.’ And he shoves her in the pool,” Kimmel said the Ozes told him.

“He pushes this fully dressed, older lady into the pool, and she’s humiliated.”

Lisa Oz helped the woman get out of the pool and assisted in drying her off with some towels, according to Kimmel.

“Trump just looked on and laughed like a maniac,” Kimmel said.

A Trump spokeswoman didn’t immediately return ITK’s request for comment about Kimmel’s remarks.

Oz and his wife, Kimmel said, “Told us this story with disgust.”

“They were disgusted, and now they’re up on stage endorsing each other,” the late-night host exclaimed.

“Isn’t that great?” Kimmel quipped. “A lot of integrity there.”