OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The need for more telecommunicators is a common theme we’ve seen across Central New York. The Oswego County 911 Call Center is no exception.

On Saturday, neighbors packed the county’s call center on Churchill Road in Oswego for a hands-on open house.

While interested applicants were getting a behind the scenes look at the process of fielding a call and dispatching emergency services, 911 call takers on the clock were at the county’s backup site in Fulton taking real calls.

Oswego County 911 is hoping to hire 8 more telecommunicators.


  • Minimum education of high school diploma or equivalent degree
  • Must be 18-years-old and up
  • Pass civil service exam
  • Starting pay: $19.23 per hour (increases after employee’s first anniversary)
  • Qualities: someone who enjoys working in emergency situations while remaining calm in a high stress environment

“The ideal candidate is someone who can multi-task, has empathy for our callers, which can get a little challenging with some of the calls we get, and is able to give good customer service. That’s our big thing. We’re taking information from people and gather as much as we can and then pass it along to the first responders as quickly as possible so that way they can help mitigate whatever issue there is.”

Kevin Pooley, Director of Oswego County E-911 Communications Center

Once a telecommunicator is hired, they’ll attend an in-house 18-week academy which provides both classroom and hands-on training. Within the next year, they’ll be cross trained into fire dispatch and then six to twelve months after that, they’ll be trained in law enforcement dispatch.

Telecommunicators will continue with training and there are also opportunities to work out of the office for community education events or other programs.

Oswego County will hold a civil service exam for applicants on Saturday, February 25. As an incentive to fill vacancies, the Oswego County Legislature has voted to waive the exam fees for applicants in 2023. Applicants for the test are due to Oswego County Human Resources by Wednesday, January 18.

Sign up here for the Oswego County civil service exam by clicking here.