'Tiger Branch' credit union staffed by high school students

NEDROW, N.Y. (WSYR) - SECNY Federal Credit Union has opened a new branch, and it is being run by high school students.

The "Tiger Branch" is opened two weeks ago at Onondaga Central.

Senior Jason Holbrook is one of seven students who run the branch out of a classroom at the high school.

Holbrook, who is already balancing school and football, wanted to apply for a management position with SECNY.

"Our teacher Ms. Smith was the one who recommended I apply for a position," he said. "I thought 'go big or go home' so I applied for branch manager and I got the job."

The Tiger Branch serves teachers, parents and other students at the district. During the summer, Mrs. Smith and students completed orientation activities and training sessions at SECNY's Main Office on Onondaga Hill.

They learned how money moves throughout credit union systems, security and confidentiality processes, and obtained a full-scope look at behind the scenes work of a financial institution. It is an unpaid internship with SECNY.

"Financial management is not often something they may be brought up at home to help the students as they move into their next phases of life," said Courtney Fulmer, Vice President of Marketing & Member Services, SECNY Federal Credit Union "So, we really wanted to create this opportunity to not only give them basic money skills but also what is next for them as they move into the working world."

The branch can help people with opening accounts, limited withdrawals and with online banking questions. It is open two times a week.

LaFayette School District will be opening a similar branch in January. Other schools have shown interest, according to SECNY. 

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