A 17-year-old boy diagnosed with leukemia was surprised Tuesday morning with one of his favorite things: a parade of mail trucks rolling by his house. 

Matthew Watkins has always dreamed of being a mail carrier, and members of the Bayberry community have come together to give Matthew a taste of that dream. 

Liverpool Postmaster Lindsey Hicks lead a fleet of 20 postal vehicles from the Bayberry office to Matthew’s house on Portobello Way to present him with a “Matthew the Mailman” sash and other souvenirs for the day. 

Friends and family note that when Matthew was stronger, he would frequently visit the parking area near the Bayberry Post Office to watch the trucks start their day. 

Even at his sickest hours at Golisano Children’s Hospital, he continued to wear his postal letter carrier shirts everyday with pride, his family said. 

Matthew has a busy month at the mailbox ahead of him – his birthday is February 27th. 

If you want to send Matthew a birthday card, you can send it to:

Matthew Watkins
19 Nectarine Lane,
Liverpool, NY 13090