SOLVAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Busy bees… they seem to be swarming across Central New York, with this year’s infestation at its highest compared to the past few years, according to experts.

So when will they buzz off? According to Gannon Pest Control in Solvay, the bees are sticking around.. at least for now.

There’s been plenty of buzz to go around as bees found their way into people’s homes this summer, keeping Gannon Pest Control busy.

Gannon Pest Control says the nests are significantly larger than normal, and populations are higher too.

“We had a beautiful spring, normally we get rained out from being able to treat in the spring one to two days a week, we didn’t have that this year. This year was a drier April and May than normal, so we do believe that the population started to build faster because of that,” said Jennifer Savastino, co-owner of Gannon Pest Control in Solvay.

The pest control service receiving typical calls for a nest in your tree or front bush outside your home. But those weren’t the only calls Gannon received.

Instead, there’s been a high volume of calls regarding the bees deep in the walls of homes, businesses, you name it. Yellow jackets and hornets also becoming extremely aggressive early this year, leading to a swarm breaking-through to peoples homes.

“People were finding them in their basement, coming through their chimneys, breaking through the walls, and yellow jackets will actually chew at sheetrock and chew right through a wall,” said Savastino.

Savastino says they’ve had customers who have been away for the weekend or gone on vacation and they come home to find a whole room full of bees.

“Depending on how big the nest is and the wall sometimes their in attics, they are in walls, depending on how big the nest is once they break through, that whole population can come into your home if its not taken care of quickly,” said Savastino.

If there is a nest you are unsure of, those could be breaking-through.

“Normally you see some activity on the outside of the home. Take a walk around your house, see if you see bees flying around in a concentrated area. On the inside, a lot of times it looks like a stain but its just the shadow from that one layer of sheetrock left as they been chewing and if you see that, if its wet then its honeybees, call a bee keeper. Bee keepers will come and they will rescue all those bees and take them and keep them alive and well. If its yellow jackets or hornets you can put ducktape over that stain or what looks like a stain if its dried paper and call a professional,” said Savastino.

As for now, the bee numbers are dwindling down, but its hard to say what it will be like come as we head into the next few weeks.

Once you solved the bee problem, don’t forget about those other pests as we move into the colder months. The next pest you are going to want to keep a close eye on are mice.

Gannon Pest Control advises people to make sure their home and areas leading to the outdoors are sealed up, preventing mice from getting inside your home to where its warm.

If you think you have a problem, leave it to the professionals and give them a call.