CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Wednesday, December 7, Cazenovia College informed students, faculty and staff that the college would be closing permanently. Students are starting to plan for the future.

Anthony Staffieri is a Junior at Cazenovia College, and his girlfriend, Q Morales is a Freshman.

They met at the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester.

“I was washing dishes in my dorms kitchen, and he just came up and started talking to me,” said Morales. “I had never seen her before and it was like a hey a new face,” said Staffieri.

They thought their love story would continue at Cazenovia College.

Morales was shocked when she got the email that her college was closing.

“I didn’t expect this was going to happen, I just feel like that was just like my last resort expecting it was going to happen and also just like settling down,” Morales said.

After the news, both Morales and Staffieri started looking at their plans for the future.

“Our search has been looking for something quite similar to Caz, the reason why I wanted to come here is because it’s such a small school, it’s just like so close knit and everybody knows everybody, like the staff here is just amazing and honestly that’s like a big part of our search together,” Morales said.

One thing they know is they want to be together.

“Thankfully because of this, we’ve made as she said a lot more decisions as a couple and we’ve been able to grow more because of that,” said Staffieri. “I made a promise to her that we wouldn’t separate just because of the college.”

The college announced they will permanently close after the 2023 Spring Semester.