CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– It was a surreal moment for real estate agent Chip Hodgkins when Micron made the country’s biggest chip investment ever in Central New York.

“It hit faster than we even had a chance to think about it. In the morning, the next morning my phone lit up I had calls from Ohio, Austin, Texas, Duluth, South Bend, and Fargo, North Dakota,” Hodgkins an associate broker at HUNT real estate said.

One of those calls was from Scott Siebenaler, a real estate agent in Central Ohio who was looking to connect his clients but Hodgkins got a lot more than some new customers thanks to Intel’s recent $20 Billion investment in Licking County, Ohio. 

Siebenaler and Hodgkins realized how many similarities there were between the two projects even though Micron’s investment was five times the size.

“He can help me forecast out nine months because he’s going through what we’re going through nine months ahead of us.”

Chip Hodgkins, Associate Broker HUNT Real Estate

Siebenaler’s been able to provide Hodgkins valuable information about the land within a five-mile radius of the Intel project. He says an average acre of land used to be $31,000 but after Intel’s announcement that price more than doubled to $64,000.

And that’s a similar trend Hodgkins has already started to see happen in Clay with land in a one to two-mile radius jumping up by 20-25 percent.

With construction already underway for the Intel project, Siebenaler is able to share important details about the number of construction workers that have come to the area, what the need for housing and other infrastructure is and how projects like road expansions have gone.

An unexpected partnership that will serve as a valuable blueprint for years to come.