CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Since the pandemic, some school districts have seen gaps in learning amongst some of their students, and Central Square School District is one of them.

Superintendent, Tom Colabufo, says they created a plan before the 2022-23 school year started to address some of the learning gaps. He says they’re seeing gaps in reading and foundational skills like socializing.

“We’re huge into literacy, so there are things during the pandemic that we weren’t able to do so if a teacher was wearing a mask it’s kind of hard to talk about awareness and fluency when they can’t see the mouth or the expression from their teacher,” said Colabufo.

He said that masks and learning virtually were contributors to this learning gap. Therefore, part of their plan was to hire seven teachers to help out in the classroom.

Colabufo and Assistant Superintendent, Erin Phillips, said these teachers help out more in the classroom and their third, fourth, and fifth graders are the ones who seem to be having the learning gaps.

Phillips says these students were in Kindergarten, first and second grade when the pandemic started, which are crucial years for learning.

“We are building their capacity to be able to teach the students these skills, we are providing training for all of our teachers right through middle school and some high school students, and we are changing the way we are servicing students in our AIS classes, we’ve got extra time in the day where they’re getting an extra piece of intervention time to close those gaps,” said Phillips.

Both Colabufo and Phillips say, they just want their students to be successful.

“My goal is to have 98 percent of them where they need to be by the time they leave elementary school, so they find a level of success both academically and socially.”