Centro has released its video after a pick-up truck crashed through the side of the bus last Thursday afternoon along the 2000 block of Park Street, between Hiawatha Boulevard and the entrance to Destiny USA.

The truck became partially lodged inside the passenger area of the bus.

According to Syracuse Police, the driver of the pickup truck was getting off the exit ramp of I-81 and swerved to the left lane to avoid stopped traffic and went off the road.

Once off the road, the truck continued on the grass and hit a Centro bus that was on Park Street at a traffic light.
Eight people were hurt in the crash.

The driver of the pick-up truck, 82-year-old Neil Brownell of West Monroe, was ticketed for failure to reduce speed on a curve and failure to keep right on a highway.

Syracuse Police say Brownell apparently was not familiar with the area and after exiting the ramp for the mall, coming around the curve he saw stopped traffic ahead of him and mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brakes sending him off the road and into the bus.