Although some may say the current emergency department at Crouse Hospital is cozy, but hospital officials are saying the department is cramped and outdated— built about four decades ago.

With emergency department visits up, officials said it was time to upgrade to what has become the way a significant number of people are admitted to the hospital.

The way the ED is currently set up, less than half of the rooms are truly private. The upgrade would make each of the current 45 rooms private.

“Having all the patients to be in rooms being monitored, being able to get people through the system more efficiently, more effectively, decreasing our wait times,” said Dr. David Pomeroy Mason.

The $38 million project will double the size of the emergency department at the hospital.

The expanded ED floor plan should provide the work environment that doctors, nurses and other staff deserve these days.

Hospital officials say the way they care for patients now is different than it was 10 years ago— and especially different from when the hospital was built 40 years ago.

This project is not just about an expanded Emergency Services Department from around the corner, but it will allow them to bring the Prompt Care right across the street now to the new E-D in the hospital.

“Bringing them over will allow economies or scale and more efficient care and also better care for collaboration between the physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and the physicians,” Mason said.

On Thursday, the space officially became the Crouse Pomeroy Emergency Services Department and it will soon become the latest signature healthcare facility, further meeting the needs of the community.

Groundbreaking is set for April.