SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — In the absence of any kind of comment from Destiny USA management, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh detailed some security enhancements that have happened at Destiny USA this year.

NewsChannel 9’s interview with Mayor Walsh was the second of such conversations this year. The first was a result of a shooting in February. The most recent, Tuesday, was inspired by a shooting outside a mall entrance on Saturday.

After the shooting in February, Destiny USA ownership took six days to respond. The statement failed to include any specific security improvements the mall was planning to make.

Four months later, another shooting on mall property.

“There are some things that are encouraging, despite the recent incident,” said Mayor Ben Walsh.

Mayor Walsh cited a briefing he was given by Police Chief Joe Cecile, saying Destiny USA has increased security checks at the entrance, doing more to enforce the age limit, increasing patrols of the parking garage and installing more cameras around the facility.

“It appeared that a number of those steps had been taken,” said Mayor Walsh. “That’s something we certainly appreciate. Until we have an extended period of time where something like this doesn’t happen, it suggests work still needs to be done, and we’re committed to it whether we control everything or not.”

Walsh noted that the number of shootings resulting in injuries is down compared to last year, according to police data.

Police seem to know who fired his gun at another man Saturday, but haven’t made any arrests.