(NEXSTAR) – After several months of work, President Joe Biden’s animatronic likeness is nearly ready for The Hall of Presidents display at Disney World.

The nation’s 46th president will take center stage in a dark suit and red-and-blue striped tie when the show debuts in August.

“Just as Walt envisioned, creative teams have been busy programming an Audio-Animatronics replica of the President, pairing it with a delivery of the presidential oath of office recorded at the White House by President Biden himself just for the attraction,” Disney said in a news release.

On Monday, Disney shared a sneak peak of the show, which will also have some signature Biden touches on display, including a pair of aviator sunglasses and Amtrak tickets on a table near the president. There is also a vase full of peach blossoms, representing his home state of Delaware.

On a table near the 46th president are a pair of aviator sunglasses and Amtrak tickets. (Disney)

For those wondering what will happen to the figure of former President Donald J. Trump, Disney confirmed that it will be positioned on stage among those of other past presidents.

Trump’s figure made headlines in December, 2017 for what some called a resemblance to political rival Hillary Clinton. Others said it looked like the actor Jon Voight.

Then-President Trump celebrated the figure’s arrival in the Hall of Presidents, tweeting, “I love it!”

The Hall of Presidents opened in Magic Kingdom Park in 1971 and “has brought to life the heritage of the United States and shared the symbolic importance and uniqueness of the office of the President,” according to a Disney news release.