LEBANON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Have you heard of the health benefits of mushrooms?

They have proven to boost immunity and are even used as medicine in some parts of the world.

If there is a popular gourmet mushroom, you’ll find it growing at Fruit of the Fungi farm in Madison County.

When KC Mangine moved his family back to Central New York in 2007, he started growing shiitake mushrooms in the woods behind his house.

There were enough to sell at the Hamilton Farmers Market.

After 10 years, the part-time mushroom project turned into a full-time job. And the work that was done in the woods now happens indoors.

They use heat and steam to sterilize the mushrooms. While cool dry air gets the 10 varieties of mushrooms growing.

The farm produces 10 thousand pounds of mushrooms in a year.

In addition to the Syracuse and Hamilton farmers’ markets, the mushrooms make their way to local restaurants.

Fruit of the Fungi ships mushroom powders, dried mushrooms, and teas across the country.