JORDAN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — She’s only a junior, and she’s already been accepted to a music school in New York City.  

Carrie Lazarus takes us to Jordan Elbridge High School to meet our Extraordinary Talent of the Week, Emma Donvito.

A lot of young singers would be intimidated by an Adele song, but not Emma Donvito, singing the most popular song on her album. 

Emma has been singing since she could talk. She fell in love with musical theater in 8th grade when she watched “Hamilton.”

“It was just this wave of this is what I want to do I’m in the right direction,” said Donvito.

Emma also plays multiple instruments including the flute, piccolo and percussion and she conducted the high school marching band.

Music is Emma’s escape. She hopes it will be a career, even if it’s not on stage. 

“I can teach people how to sing act and dance I can go see shows. I can work behind the scenes,” said Donvito.

Emma Donvito our Extraordinary Talent of the Week. 

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