CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — This is Olivia Frizzi’s final musical at West Genesee. 

She’s been doing shows since fourth grade, but she really had to step out of her comfort zone to play the bootlegger, Billie Bendix.

“I’m so used to being the pretty done up girly girl yes like princessy roles but it was really fun and it was a like challenge for me,” said Frizzi.

It’s been a busy senior year for Olivia, who has been selected for all-state choir, performing in Washington DC with the best high school singers in the country.

“It was amazing it was the best choir I’ve sung in ever it was a really great experience,” said Frizzi.

Olivia’s planning to major in musical theater. She’s auditioning for some top programs, grateful that she’s coming from a top high school music program.

“I’ve loved it and I think the school is just very supportive of the arts,” said Frizzi.

West Genny’s Olivia Frizzi, our Extraordinary Talent of the week.