Fla. family says pit bulls saved young children from venomous snake

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A pair of family dogs in Florida are recovering after they protected two children from a poisonous snake.

According to a grandmother in Brandon, Fla. Slayer and his partner Paco cornered a copperhead snake in her yard, near a garden where the children were playing.

The family told WFLA-TV in Tampa that the dogs saved the children’s lives.

The dogs began barking, angrily warning the dangerous snake to slither away. But, this guest wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Seconds later, the snake struck.

Both dogs were bitten, injected with highly poisonous venom.

Slayer suffered deep wounds on his face and snout, while Paco was struck in the leg.

Life-saving treatment was needed immediately.

The children’s grandmother, Melissa Butt, rushed the dogs to emergency veterinary care. When the duo arrived at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Hospital in Brandon, they were in bad shape.

“They don’t ask for anything – all they want is your love, so its very hard to see them in need, and not be able to do a whole lot for them,” said Melissa Butt, the children’s grandmother.

According to WFLA-TV, Paco is already up and running around at home, back to his old ways, playfully running around his spacious yard and snuggling up to his family.

Meanwhile, Slayer is still recovering at Blue Pearl in Brandon, anxious to go home.

This post originally appeared on WFLA.com.

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