SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Growing up can be hard, especially for Gen Zers who, according to a new report, are struggling with adulthood.

A new report from found that 63 percent of Americans under 42 years old feel burned out by adulthood.

Not only are more Gen Zers and Millenials moving back in with their parents but admitting they don’t know basic know-how’s like how to do an oil change, how to change a tire and how to tie a tie.

They also are reportedly having a hard time with finances and struggling with managing money, saving for retirement and saving for a home.

To find out more about how exactly Gen Zers and millennials are adulting, surveyed 1,050 Gen Zers and Millennials in January 2023, to ask them how they feel about adulting. Almost 30 percent were Gen Z and a little of 70 percent were Millennials. Gen Zers were identified as anyone 18-26 and Millennials were identified as anyone 27-42

The respondents ranged in age from 18 to 42 with an average age of 31. Almost half of the respondents were men and women, two percent were non-binary or non-conforming and one percent were transgender.

Gen Zers and Millennials can’t do common adulting tasks

Out of all the Gen Z and Millenial people surveyed, 63 percent didn’t know how to do an oil change, 48 percent didn’t know how to change a tire and 42 percent didn’t know how to jumpstart a car.

Two in five are unable to sew, nearly half know how to tie a tie and one in five don’t know how to write a check.

Gen Z and Millennials find managing money is the hardest part of adulting

More than half of Gen Zers believe they do not have adulting figured out with 80 percent feeling confused about navigating life as an adult and 63 percent feeling burned out already.

Nearly one in five of the youngest generation believes they’ll have it figured out by 30 but currently, more than half of Gen Zers are not financially independent.

Half of Gen Zers still live with their parents

Gen Zers are taking advantage of living with their parents as well with 51 percent admitting to it. Even if they do live outside the house, 36 percent of Gen Zers admit their parents help them pay for rent.

Gen Zers and Millenials also feel like they rely too much on their family as an adult with 41 percent admitting to that.

Almost half of Gen Zers and millennials would pay for an adulting class

When it comes to their careers, 61 percent of Millennials and Gen Zers want to be more successful professionally and 43 percent admitted they would pay for a class to teach them how to do so.

When asked about insurance, 68 percent felt healthcare is the hardest to manage and the most difficult to figure out.