SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It was only a few months ago when gas prices were hovering around the $5 per gallon mark, and while they are no longer as high, the price per gallon in the City of Syracuse still sits above the national and state average.

However, if you live in Syracuse there are other options. Some towns just outside the city see average prices almost 40 cents cheaper.

Liverpool, for example, is only about 10 miles outside the city but you can get gas for as low as $3.39 per gallon, and an average of $3.49.

If you want to travel even further, 37 miles outside the city in the town of Homer, gas is as low as $3.03 per gallon.

But is it worth it?

To fill a 14-gallon tank in Homer costs $42.42, in Liverpool, it’s $48.86 compared to $53.20 in the City of Syracuse.

To drive from the City to Liverpool you will on average spend $1.39 in fuel while driving to Homer will cost you $3.91 in fuel.

So if you make the choice to drive to Homer, on average, you’ll be spending just about $8 in order to save just over $10.