OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Oswego County parents facing murder charges in the death of their son, 17-year-old Jordan Brooks, will each get their own trial.

Lisa and Anthony Waldron of Palermo were back in county court on Monday, March 27.

After hearing arguments from the defense and prosecution, Judge Melinda McGunnigle believes a joint trial wouldn’t be fair for Lisa and Anthony Waldron given the different stances their defense attorneys are taking.

Lisa’s attorney, Joseph Rodak, said in court he was taking no position on a joint trial.

On the other hand, Anthony Waldron’s defense attorney, Salvatore Lanza, argued in court that the trials should be separate. Lanza read aloud several witness statements from Jordan’s teachers and caretakers, stressing that Lisa was the sole person responsible for Jordan and that his client shouldn’t be held accountable.

“I looked at the grand jury and from what I can tell, there’s nothing that points the finger of blame to the husband. I’m going to have to do a vigorous cross examination because all of the people who testified at grand jury pointed the finger to the mother.”


Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes argued both Lisa and Anthony had a legal responsibility to properly care for their son, 17-year-old Jordan Brooks. In court, Oakes said that based on the allegations, evidence and reports, both parents failed to do so.

The Oswego County District Attorney also argued a joint trial would streamline the prosecution and resolve this case more efficiently, especially because many of the same witnesses will be called.

However, the court ultimately decided to keep the trials separate.

Lisa’s trial is scheduled for July 31 and Anthony’s trial will follow on October 23. Both trials will be held in Pulaski.